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  • Lawn

    Vigorous green lawn without moss and weeds


  • Paddock

    Optimal grass quality and optimal yield


  • Ornamental Garden/Vegetable Garden

    The best development of the most beautiful plants and tastiest crops.


  • Seedbed fertilisation

    Establishment of a new garden or field/Universal application.


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Why Organifer?

With Organifer fertilisers and plant strengtheners, you opt for strong, healthy plants with high resistance. Innovate and sustainably fertilise with long-term effects through structural soil improvement. Organifer’s organic fertilisers enhance the health and condition of the soil. The entirely natural granules and liquids are composed of organic materials combined with minerals from lava meal, and feature a favourable NPK ratio. These elements together contribute to growth, flowering, seed formation, ripening, strong development of roots, tubers, and fruits. Erosion is prevented, and the soil always contains ample air and moisture. Furthermore, with our products, you unlock and regulate the minerals in the soil. The result is an excellent yield and high-quality crops.

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