Our Manure Granules

Organifer Organic fertilizers in a nutshell.

Organifer premium Organic fertilizers are perfectly suited for lawns, ornamental gardens, borders, bulbs and tubers plants, vegetable gardens, roses, pot plants and fruit trees. Based on the high content of organic matter, the pellets improve the structure and moisture-absorbing capacity of the soil, and ensure a fertile balance of natural soil systems and the natural enrichment of the soil, thus preserving the permanent balance of the soil. The Organifer Premium fertilizers has a favourable NPK ratio and an extra rich composition.


Distribute the indicated quantity evenly over the area to be fertilized. In borders and vegetable gardens rake the fertilizer through a little. Use fertilizer preferably when rain is expected, or if the surface of the soil is moist. Applicable to any kind of soil, in any season, provided the soil is not frozen. Are you developing a new garden? Distribute 1 liter fertilizer per 2 m2 and work it in well. When planting new crop or plants, or when relocating them, add ½ kg pellets into the hole.


  • 100% Organic and environmentally friendly
  • Improves the soil structure
  • Odor-free based on composting process
  • Pathogen-free: no germs, undesired mould or bacteria
  • Contains no weed seeds
  • Significant moisture-absorbing capacity
  • Constant feed flow based on ‘slow release’
  • Long-term effect and high level of effectiveness
  • Minimal washing away of mineral elements due to the high content of organic nitrogen
  • No leaf burning due to the extremely low content of ammonia
  • Contains important nutrients and approx. 65% organic matter
  • Contains calcium, magnesium and has a high content of trace elements
  • Negligible dust formation
  • Undesired growth of moss is counteracted
  • High compost content
  • Applicable to any kind of soil, in any season, provided the soil is not frozen
  • Easy and accurate distribution