All about lawn mowing, 10 smart mowing tips for the perfect lawn!

To keep your lawn beautiful, it is important to mow your lawn properly. A perfect lawn certainly requires some work. You do this by mowing the grass not only often but also properly. What is the ideal cutting height? Which mower should I use? All about lawn mowing and complete mowing advice for a beautiful lawn more read here. We conclude with 10 grass cutting tips for a beautiful lawn.

Why is it important to mow grass?

Chances are you will mow the lawn so it will look neat and tidy again. But there are more reasons to keep up with your turf. For starters, mowing makes the lawn stronger. Sun and oxygen reach the soil and promote the growth of new grass. Cutting grass gives all the blades, including the finer ones, a chance to grow large and sturdy. This will create a full, dense turf. Another nice benefit is that by mowing regularly, moss and weeds have no or less chance to grow.

When should you mow grass?

Always mow when the grass is dry. If you mow when the grass is still wet, your mower’s blades will not cut properly. In addition, grass accumulates in the mower and there is a chance that your mower could become clogged. You are also giving mold and disease terrain. So it does not benefit the quality of the grass! Make sure it is not too hot and do not mow in direct sunlight. The best time to mow is late afternoon. Grass then has plenty of time to recover before night arrives.

How often should I mow grass?

How often is it best to mow the grass? It depends a lot on the growth of your lawn. If the grass grows quickly, mow twice a week. If it does not grow as fast, then once a week is sufficient.

how often with I mow?
Do not mow too long

What is the ideal cutting height for the grass?

The ideal cutting height depends on your situation. In general, mow your lawn between 2.5 and 4 inches. We ourselves are fans of slightly longer mowing as growing points are not cut away and grass remains stronger. If the lawn is used intensively, for example by children playing, cut the grass a little longer, 4 to 5 cm. If your lawn is mainly in shade, mow it 7 inches high. That way, the plant has more leaves to absorb light and make nutrients. Always keep in mind the 1/3 rule: cut a maximum of one-third of the grass length. That way, the grass will not lose its vigor.

Mowing a new lawn for the first time

Have you installed a new lawn with sod? Then wait two weeks before mowing for the first time. This way you give turf grass time to take root. Thanks to the roots, it creates a firm foundation for your lawn. For new sowings, depending on the mix, we recommend waiting at least 3-4 weeks for slow-germinating species to root and germinate. When mowing for the first time, set the mower to the highest position. Mow a maximum of 1/3 of the grass blades. Do you wish the grass was shorter? Then wait a few days and mow 1/3 of the grass again. Repeat until the desired height is reached. With these mowing tips, you will quickly achieve a perfect lawn even with new seeding.

Mowing jobs in the lawn

Do you wish for those beautiful lanes in your lawn, like on a soccer field? The same is true for your lawn! Using a reel mower with a roller will easily get this done. This mower pushes the grass in the direction of the side being driven. The light gives the grass a different color. Mow the lane next to it in the opposite direction and voila: a stadium-worthy turf field.

Jobs in the lawn - Mowing tips for perfect lawn
Mowing tips for perfect lawn

Mulching or grass clippings disposal

Mulching means shredding cut grass and leaving it on the lawn. In doing so, you are returning nutrients to the lawn. One advantage of this is that no mowing waste is left over. A smart mowing tip for the perfect lawn. Efficient because you don’t have to empty the mower’s bucket and can keep on mowing! Mulching cannot be done if the grass is too long, then the mulch layer on your lawn will become too thick and choke the grass, there should be no thatch, the chips should be small enough. Convinced that mulching is for you? Do use a mower with mulching kit. Do you prefer to catch the cut grass in a bin? No problem of course! Make sure you have a good fertilization plan and fertilize organically so that your lawn continues to receive adequate nutrition.

Smart mowing tips that result in the perfect lawn.

Tip1 : Choose the right and best grass seed

In grass seed country there is a lot to buy, unfortunately in practice we also see many disappointing results due to wrong grass seed. We have at organifer 2 high-quality grasses in which can be distinguished between – sports/recreational lawn and ornamental lawn. Here we recommend Siergazon only when there is not much treading and you are willing to keep investing time and money in a beautiful turf. Should you wish for a hassle-free dense and fast recovering lawn we recommend complete sowing with organifer recovery lawn, due to fine-leaved grasses there will be almost no visible difference from an ornamental lawn but you are guaranteed fast germination and nice dense turf, even with treading or less optimal conditions.

organifer Play and Sports lawn
Organifer Restoration lawn – suitable against treading

Tip2: Invest in a good (Robot) mower and maintain it properly.

We prefer a reel mower, also called a reel mower. This would be our mowing advice for a perfect lawn. This mower does not knock the grass off but cuts or trims it so grass takes virtually no damage. Should this mower not be for trade we recommend a robotic mower as it allows frequent mowing without much effort or on large plots a zero turn mower with sufficient power and Mulch function. Obviously, it is important to maintain the mower properly.

Robot mower perfect lawn
Robot mower

Tip3: Mow a lot and often

a simple mowing advice for beautiful turf that we can give is to mow a lot and often. This will give you a beautiful turf. On average, mowing should be done at least once a week during slow growth and twice a week in the spring during fast growth for optimal results.

TIP 4: Don’t mow when it’s too cold

The best temperature for cutting grass is between 12 and 20 degrees.

Tip 5: Don’t mow too short

This improves grass quality and is better for the blades

TIP 6 : Mow in different directions

Mowing in different directions pushes grass blades in different directions.

TIP 7: Mow only when the grass is dry

Change the oil, air filter and spark plug. This way your mower is ready for the new mowing season!

TIP 8: Touch up lawn edges as well.

Is your turf nice and tight again? Don’t forget to trim and trim the edges. This will make your lawn look tiptop again!

Tip 9: Always mow with sharp blades

For a beautiful cut, cut your grass with sharp blades. Are your knives blunt? Then the grass cracks, dries out and gives your turf a brown glow.

Tip 10: Mulch the grass and leave clippings lying around

By chopping the grass clippings and leaving them lying around, they will be decomposed by soil life, creating natural fertilization. Soil quality will also improve by increasing organic matter content. If you do wish to dispose of the clippings, fertilize a little extra with Organifer Grass Booster or Organifer Lawn Fertilizer so that grass does not become deficient and organic matter content in soil remains high and soil life remains active. Note it is important to cut the clippings small enough so that a felt layer is not created but the mulch can be quickly broken down and nutrients released.

perfect lawn organifer
Mulch the grass finely and leave clippings lying around

Want to get started now yourself or want more information?

Enthusiastic after this mowing advice for perfect turf? View our range of grass seeds and fertilizers More explanations and tips on lawn mowing? Watch the “All About Mowing” video below.

If you have any questions as a result of this article you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you.