Buxus Vital Concentrate helps your boxwood become more resilient and vibrant in a 100% natural manner. This results in a stronger and healthier boxwood that grows in a balanced and harmonious way. Moreover, a robust and vibrant boxwood is better equipped to fend off insect attacks such as the Boxwood Moth and diseases like boxwood fungus. Buxus Vital Concentrate is an exceptionally effective, stimulating, and nourishing product for every boxwood.

It consists of a blend of specific, natural herbal extracts and is safe for people, animals, and the environment. The ingredients of Buxus Vital 1000 ml – Concentrate are slowly absorbed by the plant and the roots, and are then distributed through the sap flow. This imparts resilience and vitality to the entire boxwood.

Buxus Vital Concentrate can be used in both full soil and pots by watering the plant and the ground. The solution is taken up by the soil and the roots of the plant. It’s recommended to treat during the growing season and to repeat every 3 weeks. Pour the Buxus Vital Concentrate solution over the entire plant until it is dripping wet. If there’s any sign of infestation or excessive rain, increase the interval.