Grass Insects Concentrate has an indirect repelling effect on the presence of chafer grubs (the larvae of many beetles such as the May beetle, June beetle, rose chafer, salland beetle etc.), leatherjackets (the larvae of the crane fly), and larvae of the sciarid fly in grass. Grass Insects Concentrate is absorbed by both the root and the blade of the grass plant. It increases the grass’s resilience, enabling it to essentially develop its own defence mechanism. The soil also benefits positively. The plant’s roots are stimulated, promoting healthy grass growth. Chafer grubs, leatherjackets, and other harmful larvae will avoid the plants. These pests no longer find the roots and blades appealing. With preventative use, the larvae of leatherjackets, chafer grubs, and sciarid flies will not reach the pupal stage.


The grass becomes healthier, the roots will grow again and also become less appealing to pests. Grass Insects Concentrate is specifically designed for chafer grubs, leatherjackets, and larvae of sciarid flies in lawns, grasslands, and sports fields. The product consists of specifically active herbal extracts and has an indirect preventative role in repelling soil insects. It supports the natural recovery capability, provides care, nourishes, and strengthens plants against external factors, in the soil, and at the roots. Grass Insects Concentrate is of natural and plant-based origin, is non-toxic for humans, animals, and the environment, and is suitable for organic gardening.