Leaf Diseases Bladziekten Concentrate consists of a composition of specifically acting (non-toxic) herbal extracts that make plants resilient against leaf fungi and leaf spots. This includes powdery and downy mildew, rust, leaf spot disease, and blackspot, as well as grass and leaf fungi. It is suitable for crops in ornamental gardens, vegetable gardens, and parks where, due to a less vital soil and weaker plant resilience, there may be leaf diseases.

The product supports the natural healing ability, providing care, nourishment, and strengthening to plants from external influences, in the soil, and at the roots. Leaf Diseases Bladziekten Concentrate is absorbed by the leaves and roots of the crops. Thanks to the present root-stimulating and plant-caring ingredients, plants will develop increased resilience and vitality. Leaf Diseases Bladziekten Concentrate is best administered preventatively, especially when there has been significant nuisance and damage in the past.