Leaf Insects Concentrate works indirectly and preventively against natural attackers such as aphids, scale insects, root aphids, mealybugs, woolly scale insects, whiteflies, caterpillars (including box tree moth caterpillars), vine weevils, lily beetles, gall midges, spider mites, black flies, leek moths, black bean aphids, strawberry blossom weevils and leafhoppers.

The agent is absorbed by the leaves of plants, shrubs or trees. As resilience increases, the plant will, so to speak, develop its own defence system through this uptake. Sucking and chewing leaf insects disappear because they do not like the food. Other insects will not be affected. In this way, problems and damages will naturally disappear.

Leaf Insects Concentrate consists of a highly concentrated composition of specifically active herbal extracts. The product is of natural plant origin and non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. Leaf Insects Concentrate can be applied by spraying in the ornamental garden, vegetable garden, and on the terrace or balcony. Edible plants can be safely consumed.