Snail Prevention Concentrate is suitable for excessive nuisance caused by snails, caterpillars, wildlife foraging and bird pecking. Ideal for agriculture, ornamental and vegetable gardens, pots, as well as lawns, grass surfaces, sports fields, and golf courses. Snail Prevention Concentrate consists of a highly concentrated composition of specific herb concentrates.

The solution is of natural and botanical origin. The product is non-toxic, non-persistent and leaves no residues in the environment. Snail Prevention Concentrate offers an indirect deterrent effect on snails, caterpillars, wildlife, and birds. The product supports the plant’s natural ability to recover, and acts in a nurturing, nourishing, and plant-strengthening manner.

Snail Prevention Concentrate has been specially developed to prevent damage from snails, caterpillars, wildlife, and birds, but it does not kill them. This product is 100% natural and contains no harmful substances. It is also safe for children, pets and beneficial garden inhabitants! Snail Prevention Concentrate is made from natural herbal extracts. These extracts are absorbed by the soil and the plant. The herbal extracts make the plant and its surroundings more resilient to foraging. Pests will no longer feed on the treated plants due to the unappealing environment. The pests will retreat to their hiding places and cannot further develop. In this way, the nuisance will naturally diminish.

Snail Prevention Concentrate is suitable for organic gardens. Safe for people, animals, and the environment. Also safe for natural predators, pets, and beneficial insects!