Soil Fungi Ground Fungus Concentrate comprises a highly concentrated blend of specifically acting herb concentrates and provides preventive action against soil fungi such as verticillium (wilt disease), pythium (seedling disease), and fusarium (foot and root rot). The product supports the natural recovery capacity, offers care, nourishment, and strengthens plants against external influences, in the soil and at the roots. Soil Fungi Ground Fungus Concentrate is of natural and plant-based origin and is non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment.

Approved for organic and ecological gardening. Soil Fungi Ground Fungus Concentrate is absorbed by the crop’s foliage and the soil. Thanks to the present root-stimulating and crop-caring ingredients, the roots, leaves, and soil will develop increased resistance and their own defence system. The ingredients in the product, in addition to improving the soil and strengthening plants, have an indirect effect on harmful soil fungi.