Organifer’s Soil Insects Concentrate is comprised of specifically functioning herbal extracts and offers a preventive action against soil insects. This product supports the natural recuperative capacity and provides nurturing, nourishing, and plant-strengthening effects against external influences, within the soil and at the roots. Organifer’s Soil Insects Concentrate is of natural and plant-based origin and is safe for humans, animals, and the environment. It’s particularly suitable for the organic garden. This natural solution offers a preventive function against the presence of wireworms (click beetles), soil caterpillars (moths), vine weevils (snout beetles), larvae of jewel and bark beetles, vegetable flies, root borers, symphylans, and other harmful insects in the soil.

Organifer’s Soil Insects Concentrate is absorbed by the roots and leaves of the plant, shrub, or tree and alters the scent and taste of the crop. This change is only perceptible to insects. By increasing its resilience, the plant will essentially develop its own defence system. Harmful soil insects will then avoid and stop consuming the plant. Consequently, their reproduction will also cease, and their population will significantly decline. In this manner, the nuisances and damages will naturally diminish.