These All-In-One fertiliser tablets with rhizobacteria have been specifically developed to optimally nourish plants throughout the year. The slow-release technology, which releases macro and micro elements in a controlled manner, structures your plant and ensures a nutrient balance that prevents over- or under-dosing. Thus, the plant receives exactly what it needs for healthy growth and bloom.

With our Organifer All-In-One tablets, you no longer have to worry about caring for your plants. These tablets contain both macro and micro elements, which are essential for healthy plant growth. Their controlled release ensures a balanced supply of nutrients necessary for healthier and more vigorous plants.

The added rhizobacteria and fulvic acid further improve these results by fixing nitrogen and mobilising elements for the plant. They also increase the chlorophyll content and break down organic substances, benefiting the health and bloom of your plants.

When used correctly, Organifer All-In-One fertiliser tablets are a simple, economical and cost-effective solution for fertilising new and existing plants. These fertiliser tablets are ideal for pot, tub or hanging plants and contain everything your plants need for healthy growth and blooming throughout the year.

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