Pond plants play a crucial role in your pond, not only as decorative elements, but also to keep the water clear and clean. Therefore, healthy growth of your pond plants is essential to prevent the growth of algae and protect aquatic animals.

To keep your plants healthy, Organifer EM Nutrition Balls offer the perfect solution. These balls not only contain macro and micro elements for the right nutrients, but also ensure a controlled release to avoid over- or underfeeding. In addition, the nutrition balls not only stimulate the growth of your plants, but also their resistance to diseases and pests.

The EM Nutrition Balls are easy to use and suitable for all types of pond plants. You can simply place them in a basket with the plants, stick them in the substrate of a filter, or throw them amongst a group of water plants in the pond. They immediately sink to the bottom and slowly release nutrients so your plants stay healthy and nourished throughout the year.