Frassor Insect Frass is an organic fertiliser for all plants – lawn, vegetable garden, ornamental garden, and professional cultivation. Frassor fertiliser pellets are produced from 100% pure frass (insect excrement) obtained from larvae of the black soldier fly. A Dutch quality product, it is dried and hygienised through heating and then compressed into a unique pellet.

Source of essential nutrients

These Frassor fertiliser pellets have an NPK of 3-3-3 and a high chitin content. Additionally, the product is rich in minerals, trace elements, and organic matter. This universal fertiliser contains all the nutrients required for both the lawn and plants. Being 100% organic, the nutrients are released in a controlled manner and do not leach out. Feeding with Frassor improves the yields and quality of growth, flowering, and the resilience of plants and soil.


Frass is the excrement of herbivorous insects. Frassor insect frass in this product comes from the larvae of the black soldier fly. The insects are fed with low-value, plant-based residual streams, which are transformed into high-quality proteins and fats. Frassor enriches and processes the frass into high-quality natural fertilisers.

Nourishes the soil life

A healthy soil life begins with insects. These efficient creatures maintain an ecological balance in nature. The residues left by the insects, such as excrements and skin sheds, are rich in chitin and used as raw material for Frassor. This organic fertiliser ensures that soil water and nutrients are retained, making them available in the soil for a longer period. The result is a healthier soil with sufficient nutrients available even during drier periods. Chitin serves as a food source for beneficial soil organisms and supports plant and soil resilience.

Chitin – Stimulates antagonistic activity, resulting in increased plant and soil resilience

Frassor is highly abundant in chitin. Chitin serves as a superfood for microorganisms that break it down. During this process, enzymes are released (chitinases) that trigger the plant to activate its natural defense mechanisms. As a result, the crop becomes less attractive to diseases and pests. It’s no wonder that Frassor is successfully applied in the horticulture sector.

The best for the environment

Frassor has the lowest CO2 footprint among all fertilisers! The production of artificial fertilisers consumes a lot of energy, leading to significant CO2 emissions. Additionally, artificial fertilisers have a negative impact on all life in the soil and leach out quickly. Compared to other organic fertilisers like cow, chicken, and pig manure, Frassor insect frass has a considerably lower CO2 footprint. It also outperforms others in terms of other environmental aspects, such as land use and water consumption.