Professional lawn fertilisers are developed for creating and maintaining a deep green, healthy turf without moss and weeds.

Lawn Fertiliser All-In-One is a high-quality organic-mineral fertiliser suitable for the fertilisation of any type of grass and soil. Due to the presence of extra magnesium, every turf turns a vibrant green. Suitable for new installations and maintenance fertilisations. The unique combination of both fast-acting and slow-release components enables a quick growth start along with 100 days of complete nutrition. Lawn Fertiliser All-In-One positively stimulates soil life and increases natural soil fertility with each application. The result is a healthy, dense turf with no room for moss and weeds.

Iron sulphate fertiliser is a real moss remover and provides a dense, lush green lawn without moss. Iron sulphate plays a crucial role in the photosynthesis of (grass) plants. The fertiliser ensures that plants absorb sunlight effectively, increasing their resilience and preventing leaf diseases from occurring easily.

Lawn Renovation is the perfect mix to transform weak, thin grass into a full, strong, and green lawn. The professional mix for lawn repair and regeneration provides a healthy and dense green turf within one month after scarifying the lawn. Results and convenience come from the combination of high-quality grass seeds, fertilisers, and a soil improver. All mixed in the optimal ratio in a sturdy bag, this mix guarantees success in one go. It’s no wonder that Organifer Lawn Renovation has been successfully used by gardeners and demanding consumers for years. It prevents weeds, moss, and bare spots; with Organifer Lawn Renovation, you’re choosing a healthy, dense, dark green turf.

Autumn Fertiliser All-in-One is very rich in potassium and provides extra protection against the cold winter for lawns, grass, and plants. The fertiliser increases resistance to the direct effects of frost. The effectiveness of autumn fertiliser is often underestimated. By ensuring that grass enters the winter strong and hardened, problems in the spring are prevented.