This professional autumn fertiliser is very rich in potassium and provides extra protection against the cold winter for lawns, grass, and plants. The fertiliser increases resistance to the direct effects of frost. In addition, minerals and trace elements have been added to the fertiliser granules. Autumn Fertiliser All-In-One granules ensure that your lawn and plants are dark green, strong, and winter-hardy. This high-quality nutrition has an indirect effect on moss and weeds. The odourless fertiliser granules are enriched with easily absorbable nitrogen and potassium (NPK 6-2-12). Thanks to the long-lasting effect (+100 days), there will still be enough nutrients for good regrowth of the grass and the formation of a strong, dense turf in which moss and weeds have no chance, even after scarifying. This results in a healthy, strong turf that is better able to withstand wear, drought, and frost. The effectiveness of autumn fertiliser is often underestimated. By ensuring that grass enters the winter strong and hardened, problems in the spring are prevented.