Lawn Fertiliser All-In-One is developed for creating and maintaining a deep green lawn without moss and weeds.

A high-quality organic-mineral fertiliser suitable for fertilising any type of grass and soil. Due to the presence of extra magnesium, every turf turns intensely green. Suitable for new installations and maintenance fertilisations. The unique combination of both fast-acting and slow-release components enables a quick growth start along with 100 days of complete nutrition. Lawn Fertiliser All-In-One positively stimulates soil life and increases natural soil fertility with each application. The result is a healthy, dense turf with no room for moss and weeds.

Lawn Fertiliser All-In-One has a high potassium content for a strong turf that is more resistant to wear, drought, and frost. The fertiliser is excellent to apply in both spring and autumn, allowing for year-round lawn fertilisation using the same product. The high-quality microgranulate blend ensures gradual growth, stimulates a healthy, strong turf, and improves the soil. The slow-release granule has a quick start action while maintaining long-lasting effects.

The unique mix of nutrients is gradually released by soil life. The formation of humus, minerals, and trace elements promote better root development and prevent leaching. This professional fertiliser is ideally suited for lawns, sports fields, and golf courses where a strong, dense turf is desired.