This Lawn Topdressing Mix with living fungi and bacteria (including mycorrhizal fungi and Bacillus species) stimulates and activates soil life. The ultimate topdressing is based on a mixture of worm castings and dried cow manure, enriched with minerals and trace elements from lava meal.

A fertile soil is alive!
Organifer nourishes the soil and stimulates positive soil life. This Lawn Topdressing Mix restores the soil and prevents problems. Soil life provides buffering of nutrients, making them available when the grass needs them. By activating and introducing active soil life, not only the grass is fed, but also the soil.

Grass lives in symbiosis with fungi and bacteria
With this Lawn Topdressing Mix, living Mychorizza fungi and Rhizobacteria are introduced and activated, among others. Positive soil life such as worms and fungi form tunnels in the ground, allowing air, organic material, and other nutrients to be distributed through the soil. Dead plant material is processed into nutritious raw material by composters. This Lawn Topdressing Mix is successfully used in practice to stimulate healthy soil life. Especially in the area around plant roots, the so-called rhizosphere, millions of fungi and bacteria live, exchanging nutrients with each other and plants, making each other’s lives better.

Positive micro-life serves the plant, which in turn offers sugars. A healthy soil life contains thousands of different bacteria, fungi, and enzymes that cooperate in a certain way for mutual benefit. Certain bacteria neutralize dangerous substances such as heavy metals. The added Azotobacter bacterium extracts nitrogen from the air and exchanges it for sugars with the plant. Other microorganisms break down dead plant material and convert it into absorbable nutrients. Some attack pathogens, while important fungi help to extract nutrients deeper from the soil. Added Bacillus bacteria promote root growth and increase resistance to pathogens. In short, the soil is alive! A healthy ecosystem is crucial. Lawn Topdressing Mix brings the soil into balance, supports positive soil life, and increases plant and soil resistance. In a healthy soil, healthy plants grow, leaving no room for diseases and pests.

Lava meal is rich in essential minerals and trace elements.
Many soils have a shortage of minerals and trace elements, causing processes in the soil and plants not to run optimally. This Lawn Topdressing Mix is enriched with high-quality Organifer lava meal, which replenishes essential minerals and trace elements. This naturally makes the soil more fertile.

Worm castings
Organifer worm castings are considered the best of the best. It is a natural improver based on composted plant residues, providing an optimal balance in the soil so the plant can grow and flourish. Worm castings contain everything a plant really needs: a very high organic content (humus) and a multitude of trace elements, enzymes, minerals, bacteria, and fungi. Humus-rich soil holds nutrients better. Combined with worm castings, bacteria and fungi can thrive and the soil structure will improve considerably.

Nutrition for healthy and vital grass
By mixing in dried cow manure, not only is the soil improved, but also immediately available nutrition is provided. This organic fertilizer has a long-lasting effect. The fertilizer nourishes the soil and ensures a rich, healthy soil. This promotes balanced growth and gives the grass a good structure. An organic fertilizer is an energy source for bacteria and is converted into humus. Humus provides a good soil structure and promotes natural processes. The Lawn Topdressing Mix ensures active soil life and optimal soil structure, resulting in a healthy and vital lawn.