Organifer Chicken Manure Pellets provide the perfect solution for any gardener looking for a healthy and fertile soil. These pellets are made from 100% pure chicken manure, sourced from Dutch farms. They are sustainable and cost-effective, making them an attractive option for any gardener.

Our chicken manure pellets are dried and hygienised using efficient composting, preserving the nutrients. This ensures that our pellets are guaranteed to be free from viruses, germs, unwanted fungi, weeds, and bacteria, and provide a constant quality and the highest fertilisation values without any loss of quality.

Organifer Chicken Manure Pellets are not only rich in nutrients but also in organic matter. The high content of organic matter ensures an airy soil that allows crops to root deeper and be more resistant to diseases and pests. It improves soil structure and fertility, contributing to the health of the soil. These chicken manure pellets have a great water absorption capacity, up to 4 times their own weight in moisture. This keeps the soil moist and retains water well, reducing the need for watering and making the soil less vulnerable during dry periods.

Organifer Chicken Manure Pellets are suitable for all types of soils and essential for a healthy and functioning soil. They are perfect for vegetable and ornamental gardens, lawns, trees, and plants. The pellets are easy to spread across the land and garden, and do not create dust. Choose Organifer Chicken Manure Pellets if you are looking for a sustainable and cost-effective solution for 100% organic fertilisation, resulting in a healthy and fertile soil and crops.

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