Organifer Premium Dried Cow Manure is produced from 100% pure and fresh cow manure. The hygienised cow manure, with around 55% dry matter, is rich in essential nutrients for a perfect result. The high proportion of organic matter, in the right combination with minerals, humic acids, and trace elements, makes cow manure the perfect all-round fertiliser and soil improver.

This Dutch quality product is dried and hygienised through composting on Dutch farms, avoiding unnecessary transportation and ensuring production from fresh manure without losses. The unique composting method guarantees a constant quality with the highest fertilisation values and a perfect end product, guaranteed to be completely free of viruses, germs, unwanted fungi, weeds, and bacteria. It is highly suitable for lawns, ornamental gardens, borders, bulb and tuber plants, vegetable gardens, roses, potted plants, fruit trees, and pastures. This dried manure consists of 100% pure and fresh cow manure dried through composting. It improves soil structure and water retention capacity due to the high organic matter content, promotes a fertile soil environment, and provides a natural enrichment of the soil to maintain long-term balance.