Organifer seed mixtures consist of varieties equipped with NAK certification(Dutch General Inspection Service for Agricultural Seeds and Seed Potatoes). This provides certainty and guarantee regarding the composition and quality of the mixture. This quality label is an initiative of Dutch breeders. To achieve the maximum germination result, Organifer imposes high requirements on the germinability and especially on the quality of purity. We guarantee you the best starting material for a perfect result.

Here are some of our products:
– Regenerative lawn seeds
– Play lawn seeds
– Ornamental lawn seeds
– Shade lawn seeds
– Pasture grass seeds
– Flower seed mixtures
– Vegetable seeds

Every bag of seed from Organifer is carefully chosen for its quality and reliability. Whether you’re looking to beautify your lawn or start a vegetable garden, our selection of seeds offers a wide variety of choices for every gardener. And because they’re certified by NAK, you can trust in the purity and germination rate of every seed. Begin your gardening journey with Organifer seeds and watch as your plants flourish and your harvests thrive.