Lawn Repair Seed – Resilient contains the ideal recovery formula for renovating and overseeding all types of lawns. Its super-fast germination and establishment in existing grass, backed by its immense competitive strength, guarantee a Fast Repair approach. It quickly fills in bare and open patches. The result is a complete makeover at manageable costs, making every lawn look as good as new.

Lawn Repair Seed – Resilient combines high foot traffic tolerance and rapid establishment with superior regrowth capacity. This grass seed blend germinates, establishes, and recovers swiftly. Lawn Repair Seed – Resilient ensures a thick turf where moss and weeds don’t stand a chance. It’s a professional-grade grass seed blend, highly suitable for overseeding lawns post scarifying. Its rapid germination means it swiftly covers bare patches. Numerous gardeners and sports field managers consistently choose the Lawn Repair Seed – Resilient formula for its exceptionally quick emergence and establishment, high regrowth capacity, and attractive appearance. A significant portion of fine English ryegrass facilitates smooth laying, and its combination with meadow fescue ensures an exceptionally robust turf.