Shade Lawn Seed – Elegant is ideal for creating or repairing a lawn in the shade. Shade Lawn Seed – Elegant has been developed for users who place high demands on the ornamental value of a lawn. The red fescue used forms a dense and fine-bladed turf. This professional grass seed mixture also grows well in the shade. The grass is also suitable for dry conditions and stays upright well when mowed short. The ornamental lawn has a beautiful green colour and an elegant appearance.

A Perfect Lawn Even in the Shade
Shade Lawn Seed – Elegant contains grass types that perform excellently even with little sunlight. Even in the shade, beautiful turf grows. The formation of moss and bald spots is prevented. In addition to its high shade tolerance, the grass seed mixture also has a high drought tolerance. In short, it’s very versatile for use as both an ornamental and shade lawn.

The professional lawn solution for landscape gardeners, specifically tailored to the demanding user in gardens and parks. The sophisticated use of red fescue and fine-leaved ryegrass creates a visual appeal. High success rate on all soils and easy maintenance. The highest quality grass seed on the market with excellent germination ability. Quickly lay a beautiful ornamental lawn that withstands frequent foot traffic and is durable. Moreover, the grass has a high ornamental value and is easy to maintain. Many landscape gardeners exclusively use Organifer grass seeds because they sprout quickly, establish rapidly, have a high regenerative ability, and look beautiful.

The Best Choice Among Shade Lawns
Ideally suited for ornamental lawns and decorative gardens. In practice, this mixture is often referred to as ornamental lawn or shade lawn. As the mixture is mainly composed of slow-growing grasses and grass species that retain their dark green colour throughout the year, the lawn is easy to maintain. Shade Lawn Seed – Elegant adapts well to shady areas. It forms a closed turf that can be mowed short.