Sports and Play Lawn Seed – Resilient contains the perfect formula for lawns that endure heavy foot traffic. Its rapid germination ensures a robust lawn that self-regenerates. Initially developed for professional sports fields, it’s the ideal seed mixture for both sports and play lawns. It’s also favoured for camping and festival sites, parks, and any location demanding hard-wearing grass with high regenerative ability.

This seed blend not only offers high wear-resistance and swift establishment but also has an exceptional regenerative capacity. Once sowed, the mix establishes itself promptly, filling in any barren patches. Its composition guarantees a thick lawn where moss and weeds struggle to take hold.

Professional landscapers and sports field managers favour Sports and Play Lawn Seed – Resilient. Its swift growth and establishment, coupled with its appealing aesthetic, make it stand out. The blend’s significant content of fine ryegrass ensures smooth settling. Meanwhile, the addition of meadow fescue results in an incredibly resilient turf.

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