Organifer Bentonite is the perfect soil improver for light sandy soils. These expanded clay minerals from natural rock are especially suitable for improving the structure and cohesion of sandy soil. Consequently, sandy soil becomes easier to work with, and the soil structure will improve significantly upon application.

But that’s not all! Organifer Bentonite also improves the soil’s water management and prevents the leaching of fertilisers. This is due to its large absorbent capacity, being able to absorb up to 10 times its own weight in water. Therefore, the soil will dry out less quickly, and moisture will remain available for the plants for longer, even during dry summers.

Organifer Bentonite also has a positive effect on the storage capacity of nutrients and prevents leaching. It activates soil life and enhances the exchange of nutrients between soil and plant, promoting soil fertility and increasing the efficiency of fertilisers.

In short, Organifer Bentonite is a versatile soil improver that improves the soil’s water management, better retains nutrients, and activates soil life, resulting in healthier plants and fertile soil.