Vegan Plant Fertiliser is a 100% plant-based organic fertiliser that is completely free of animal raw materials such as manure. This professional fertiliser is suitable for all soil types and is excellent as a planting and basic fertiliser for lawns, flower beds, vegetable gardens, orchards, and houseplants. Vegan Plant Fertiliser is a very good soil activator and stimulates soil life. Because of its high content of organic matter, the fertiliser improves the soil structure and moisture retention. Furthermore, the vegan plant fertiliser enables a fertile soil life and ensures a natural soil enrichment to keep the soil permanently balanced. Vegan Plant Fertiliser has a favourable NPK ratio (6-3-2) and a particularly rich composition. The nutrients are excellently absorbed by the plants and released in a dosed manner. This plant fertiliser is universally applicable, has a pleasant scent and is safe for humans and animals.