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When you choose 100% organic fertilization (completely free of chemical fertilizers), you are choosing:

  • Healthy soil life
  • Slow release fertilizers > 120-day release
  • Exuberant growing lawn, flowering ornamental garden, and tasty crops
  • Sustainable and innovative
  • feeds not only the plants, but also the soil and the all-important soil life

Unlike mineral fertilizers(artificial fertilizers), very little CO2 is emitted in the production of our grains. However, the effect is the same: the pellets provide the extra support the soil needs to be healthy and fertile.

Better yield and high quality crop with organic fertilizing
Organifer’s organic fertilizers increase soil health and condition. In fact, our one hundred percent natural pellets consist of organic material from cows or chickens combined with a favorable ratio of NPK: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). These elements together ensure, among other things, growth, flowering, seed formation, maturation and strong formation of roots, tubers and fruits. Erosion is prevented and the soil always contains enough air and moisture. Furthermore, the grains unblock and regulate minerals in the soil, resulting in good yields and high quality crops.

Organifer cow manure pellets: easy to process and completely odorless
Are you working as a landscaper, in landscaping or in the agricultural sector? Then it is important to know that Organifer’s cow manure pellets are easy to process. The pellets can be spread with the same machine you may be using now for your fertilizer. But of course, spreading by hand is also possible, as our granules are low odor and free of germs, unwanted fungi and bacteria.

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