Lawn Repair Seed

Lawn Repair Seed – Resilient (1 kg for 50 m2)

✔ Exceptionally rapid emergence due to strong germination power

✔ Renewal/rejuvenation of all lawns

✔ Achieves a dense turf in a short time, quickly filling in bare spots during restoration

✔ Remarkably robust turf that can withstand wear and tear

✔ Resistant to intensive foot traffic and stressful conditions

✔ Damage recovery after drought, frost or moss treatment

✔ Repair of bare patches and damage from foot traffic

✔ Also suitable for entirely new seeding of recreational lawns and sports fields

✔ Beautiful and consistent growth for a densely populated lawn

✔ Strong and deep rooting: less susceptible to drought.

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Lawn Repair Seed – Resilient contains the perfect repair formula for the renovation and overseeding of all types of lawns. Its extremely swift germination and establishment in existing grass, due to its tremendous competitive vigour, guarantee a Fast Repair approach. It rapidly addresses bare and open areas. The result is a complete transformation at controllable costs, ensuring every lawn appears brand new.


Lawn Repair Seed – Resilient merges high foot traffic tolerance with quick establishment and a robust recovery capacity. This grass seed blend germinates, establishes, and recuperates promptly. Lawn Repair Seed – Resilient ensures a dense turf where moss and weeds have no opportunity to thrive. It’s a professional grass seed mix, exceptionally suitable for overseeding lawns after scarification. Due to its quick germination, it promptly covers any bare patches. Numerous gardeners and sports field managers consistently rely on the Lawn Repair Seed – Resilient formula due to its outstandingly rapid emergence, establishment, strong recovery ability, and striking appearance. A significant content of fine English ryegrass ensures smooth laying, while the addition of meadow fescue guarantees an exceptionally robust turf.



✔ Exceptionally rapid emergence due to strong germination power

✔ Renovation/rejuvenation of all lawns

✔ Quickly achieves a dense turf, swiftly addressing bare patches during repair

✔ Exceptionally robust turf resilient to wear and tear

✔ Resilient to heavy foot traffic and stressful situations

✔ Recovery from damage caused by drought, frost or moss treatment

✔ Repair of bare patches/foot traffic damage

✔ Also suitable for the complete new sowing of play lawns and sports fields

✔ Consistent and even growth for a densely packed lawn

✔ Strong and deep rooting: less susceptible to drought




Fast Repair Approach for Lawn Recovery

1)  Mow the grass short to 2-3 cm
Remove moss, weeds, and grass residues
Dispose of the material

2) Overseed the outer edges with Lawn Repair Seed – Resilient

3) Then, in a crisscross pattern, overseed the entire area lengthwise and widthwise with Lawn Repair Seed – Resilient

4)Lightly rake in the grass seed (0.5 – 1 cm) and, if needed, sprinkle with Topsoil

5) Press or roll the grass seed down

6) If it doesn’t rain within 24 hours of sowing, gently water with a fine spray

7) Once the grass reaches a height of roughly 10 cm, it’s time for the initial mowing. Don’t mow too short straight away; reduce the length gradually each week to 3-4 cm

8) Fertilise the lawn a week after sowing with Lawn Fertiliser All-In-One and then thrice annually (spring/summer/autumn)


NAK-Certified Blend

Lawn Repair Seed – Resilient is meticulously formulated and boasts Dutch NAK certification, ensuring quality. Organifer sets stringent standards on germination power, particularly purity, to maximise seed germination. We guarantee the best starting material.



For sowing: 1 kg for 50 m²

For overseeding: 1 kg for 100 m²




75% English ryegrass

25% Meadow fescue

-> Restoration – Sports Lawn – Recreation Lawn – Sports Fields – Play Lawn –



Lawn Repair Seed – Resilient is suitable for all soils and all lawns and sports fields.


Sowing Period

From March to November


Sowing in Late Summer
Late summer (mid-August – September) is the ideal time to sow grass. The soil retains the summer warmth for a while. Additionally, weed pressure is lower than in spring. This warmth, coupled with moisture, creates optimal conditions for grass seed germination. Grass sowing can typically commence once the peak summer dryness and warmth are over, often in September but occasionally in October.


Spring Sowing
Spring is also a viable sowing period, albeit slightly less ideal than early autumn due to soil temperature. The often harsh winter and cold nights can hinder seed germination, making it easier for birds to snatch them. Additionally, numerous weeds sprout during this period. Established lawn weeds are challenging to eradicate. If you still wish to sow in spring, it’s best to wait until the soil has sufficiently warmed up (10 °C, from April to end June).


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm