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Pasture Fertiliser All-In-One (40x = 800 kg – for 16.000 m2)

✔ Compound organic-mineral fertiliser NPK 9-3-5
✔ Fertiliser suitable for horse pastures
✔ Also highly suitable for sheep, goat, and hobby animal pastures
✔ Results in high-quality and palatable grass/feed
✔ Promotes healthy and structured harvest
✔ Improves soil structure and acts as a soil activator
✔ Consistent growth through slow-release microgranules with a duration of over 120 days
✔ Makes grass more resistant to drought, diseases, and stress
✔ The fertiliser quickly penetrates the soil, preventing consumption by animals
✔ Applicable in any season, except during ground frost
✔ Additional minerals and trace elements added from volcanic ash
✔ Perfect all-in-one fertiliser for pastures

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Pasture Fertiliser All-In-One is the best choice for optimal fertilisation of a horse pasture. It is also highly suitable for grazing pastures and grassland areas for hobby livestock. A complete all-in-one pasture fertiliser based on sanitized manure, enriched with natural minerals and trace elements for even growth and a strong grass cover. The result is high-quality and palatable grass/hay and naturally fertile soil.

Tasty roughage

The gradual availability of nitrogen ensures that the grass does not experience a growth surge, and the protein content remains at the desired level. The nutrients of this organic-mineral fertiliser are released evenly over a period of 120 days. Pasture Fertiliser All-In-One is supplied as a granule mixture, making it ideal for pastureland. As the granule mixture quickly penetrates the soil, it prevents consumption by animals. Horses and other animals can quickly return to the pasture after fertilisation. The balanced NPK ratio, with easily absorbable phosphorus and potassium, promotes the production of high-quality proteins. Good-quality roughage is the foundation of every ration and enhances the health and performance of animals.


Strong grass turf

Pasture Fertiliser All-In-One enhances the growth and strength of your grass area. It becomes more resistant to trampling, drought, and diseases. The mineral (Si) acts as a natural grass-strengthening agent, resulting in a firmer grass area that is more resistant to trampling. Additionally, the grass stands upright and is easier to graze and mow. Animals have access to a healthy and diverse grazing area. The use of Organifer pasture fertiliser in combination with Organifer’s Meadow Grass Seeds guarantees a quality pasture.


Soil improvement with every fertiliser application

Pasture Fertiliser All-In-One activates soil life. The soil fertility is structurally improved due to the high content of organic matter and the addition of minerals and trace elements from rock and lava meal.


Granule mixture

Pasture Fertiliser All-In-One is available as granules, providing excellent spreading characteristics. It falls directly among the grass, resulting in more even and uniform growth. The granule mixture can be effectively spread using pendulum or centrifugal spreaders. The granule mixture quickly passes through the grass and reaches the ground. The specific composition optimises nutrient utilization. This fertiliser is also suitable for large lawns and grass areas.



Organic-mineral multi-nutrient fertiliser NPK (Mg) 9-3-5 (+3) mixture


9% Nitrogen (N)
3% Phosphate (P2O5)
5% Potassium (K2O)
3% Magnesium (MgO)


This organic-mineral multi-nutrient fertiliser is enriched with minerals, trace elements, nitrogen, natural phosphate, lime, and easily absorbable potassium. The addition of Organifer plant-strengthening mixture results in a firmer grass turf that is more resistant to trampling, drought, frost, diseases, and pests. This fertiliser not only supplies nutrients but also improves the soil, leading to a consistently healthy habitat and naturally fertile soils.


Instructions for Use

Distribute the specified amount evenly over the grass area to be fertilised. Preferably apply when rain is expected or irrigate afterward. Suitable for all soil types, during any season, except during frozen ground conditions.



Pasture/Lawn/Grass areas – Apply 1 kg of fertiliser per 20 m².


▶ 1st Fertilisation in spring.

▶ 2nd Fertilisation in summer.

▶ Option: 3rd Fertilisation in autumn.

*The recommended amounts depend on various factors, such as plant species, soil type, climate, and soil fertility status.
** To achieve optimal results, we recommend not allowing animals to graze for 14 days after fertilisation.




This fertiliser is shelf-stable for up to 2 years without any loss in quality if stored in a cool and dry place, protected from direct sunlight.

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Weight720 kg
Dimensions120 × 100 × 180 cm