Pasture Seed Meadow

Pasture Grass Seed Meadow – for Horses and Small Livestock (5 kg for 1000 m2)

✔Special grass seed mix for horses
✔Also highly suitable for sheep, goats, and hobby livestock
✔Nutritious tasty composition
✔Suitable for grazing, mowing, silaging, and haymaking
✔For healthy, structured grass with a low fructan content
✔Provides a very strong turf, resistant to trampling
✔Very low growth point for rapid regrowth despite short grazing
✔Resilient to intensive treading and stressful situations
✔Suitable for challenging soils and extensive conditions
✔High-quality grass seed mix with strong germination power.

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Organifer Meadow is a premium pasture mix suitable for both mowing and grazing. Organifer Meadow is a chosen blend of certified grass seeds; it contains perennial ryegrass, timothy, common bentgrass, and creeping bentgrass. Due to this composition, this mix is ideal for sowing on all soil types and under extensive conditions.

This grass seed remains productive and palatable on every soil type and is excellent for grazing. Even in less than ideal growth conditions, Organifer Meadow remains robust. The pasture mix has a high yield and a long lifespan. Organifer Meadow pasture grass seed is a premium pasture blend for horses, consisting of various grasses with a low growth point and adequate structure. It results in an exceptionally resilient meadow that withstands trampling and offers highly palatable grass, a mix with healthy grasses with a low sugar content. This pasture grass seed blend is also suitable for sheep, goats, and hobby livestock.


Low Growth Point

Horses consume grass differently from cows. Horses clip the grass close to the ground, whereas cows tear it off with their tongues. Organifer Meadow is composed of various grasses with a low growth point and sufficient structure. Since horses graze the grass so short, it’s essential to select varieties with a low growth point. If the grass’s growth point is consumed, then its growth halts. Conventional (cattle) grasses have a higher growth point. The Dutch NAK certified varieties in Organifer Meadow have an exceptionally low growth point. The Meadow horse mix has an enhanced germination power for swift establishment.


Rich in Structure and Low in Sugar

Many meadows are sown with cattle grass seed mixes. These grass seed blends have a high proportion of perennial ryegrass that grows very vigorously (production grass) and is fully tailored to the needs of dairy cattle (i.e., very high sugar, energy, and protein content). These types of grasses are ideal for cows to produce excellent milk. However, for horses and other farm animals, this mix is less suitable since it’s preferable to use grasses that are richer in structure and lower in sugar for horses. A grass blend for horses should have a low fructan index. Large amounts of fructans (essentially the sugars in the grass) are poorly processed by a horse’s digestive system. The gut flora can become overloaded with an excess of fructans. That’s why Organifer Meadow exclusively selects grasses with a low fructan index. The blend is ideally suited for grazing but can also be efficiently ensiled or hayed.



Grass Seed for a Resilient Horse Pasture

A horse pasture requires strong grass varieties that can withstand trampling and the way horses graze. This high-quality grass seed provides a dense sward and contains very resilient grasses with significant regenerative power. The mix is, therefore, ideal for horse pastures. The stability of the grass is crucial. The turf becomes more robust and is better resistant to the “force” of horse hooves.




Organifer Pasture Grass Seed is composed of varieties that have NAK certification. This ensures and guarantees the composition and quality of the blend. This quality label is an initiative of the joint Dutch breeders. To allow the maximum number of seeds to germinate, Organifer sets high standards for germination power and, in particular, the purity quality aspect. We assure you the best starting material when it comes to the foundation for a perfect turf.



  • Sowing: 45 – 55 kg of seed per hectare
  • Overseeding: 25 – 30 kg of seed per hectare



36% Late diploid perennial ryegrass
33% Mid-season diploid perennial ryegrass
14% Timothy
14% Common bentgrass
3% Creeping bentgrass


Organifer Meadow is applicable and productive on all grounds.


Sowing / Reseeding and Overseeding

New Installation
A horse pasture can be sown from March to November. The hot summer months are less suitable. For sowing, it’s recommended to use approximately 45 – 55 kg of grass seed mixture per hectare. Keep in mind that when sowing very small plots, more grass seed is needed (thus closer to 60 kg per hectare). If you or a contractor sow mechanically with a precision seed drill, 45 kg per hectare is generally sufficient. Regarding fertilisation, Organifer pasture fertiliser is highly suitable. We advise anyone reseeding a plot to have a soil sample taken first to see the soil’s fertility state. Based on the results of a soil sample, we can make an informed recommendation to address any nutrient deficiencies in the soil (consider liming to adjust the pH). We offer a free and non-obligatory fertilisation recommendation to prepare the soil for sowing. Send us the soil analysis results by email, and you’ll receive tailored advice for your specific situation.


Reseeding and Overseeding
Urine, molehills, frost and drought damage cause gaps in the meadow. Also, when a meadow has been neglected for many years, it will increasingly become filled with weeds. Overseeding a pasture allows it to be “refilled” with good grasses. Mow the grass short before overseeding. Then loosen the ground with a harrow, drag or rake. Reseeding can be done with a seed drill or, if unavailable, crosswise by hand or with a fertiliser spreader. Always ensure the grass seed is settled. This can be achieved by compressing the ground with a pasture roller after sowing. Depending on the meadow’s condition, approximately 30 kg per hectare of grass seed is required.


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