Powder Sprayer 2-litre for lava meal and algae lime

✔ Robust sprayer with a 2-litre capacity
✔ Suitable for applications with powder products
✔ Highly versatile powder sprayer
✔ Powder jet is fully adjustable and can be precisely aimed
✔ Easily and quickly filled thanks to the wide screw cap and filling opening
✔ Also suitable for use with ant control substances up to sulphur-based fungicides
✔ Ideal for Organifer lava meal and algae lime
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A highly robust hand-operated powder sprayer with a 2-litre capacity. The powder sprayer can be aimed with a high degree of accuracy at, for example, boxwood, but also under wall cladding and into hollow spaces.

This sturdy powder sprayer is ideal for use in gardens for precise application of powdered herbicides and pesticides to plants and crops. It is widely used in spraying rock flours, such as Organifer lava meal or algae lime, over the plants in the garden.

We have 3 different models of powder sprayers in our range:

  • Powder Sprayer with a 0.75-litre capacity (suitable for smaller surfaces and hedge)
  • Powder Sprayer with a 2-litre capacity (suitable for larger surfaces and hedge)
  • Powder Sprayer backpack model with a 10-litre capacity (suitable for professional use)

You can greatly increase the resistance of your boxwood against these fungi by preventively treating them with Organifer lava meal or lava meal. This powdered volcanic rock, of natural origin, contains a lot of silicic acid (silicon) and trace elements, which are a source of healthy vitamins for the boxwood. By spraying it over your boxwood, the leaves become harder and stiffer, making them less susceptible to fungi. Moreover, you dry out the germs of these fungi, making it difficult for them to penetrate the plant.

Spray Organifer Lava Meal over the leaves of the boxwood, preferably every 3 to 4 weeks. Make sure you hit the leaves as well as possible. With this sprayer, this process is simpler, faster, and more effective. Dust the boxwood when the leaves are slightly damp and on a windless day.

Organifer Lava Meal has an abrasive and drying effect on harmful insects that are on or want to nest on your plants. The insects become weakened and are more susceptible to infections. Organifer Algae Lime and lava meal, therefore, have an indirect effect on harmful insects.

Due to its unique properties, lava meal forms an ideal physical barrier that prevents attackers from settling. Spraying with lava meal or algae lime helps prevent fungi on, for example, roses and boxwood. In addition, the dry sharp powder creates a barrier against, among other things, harmful caterpillars of the boxwood moth.

The powder sprayer is also used in practice to spread, for example, diatomaceous earth powder for the control of ants, red mites, fleas, and other insects. The powder sprayer is simple and light to use, and thanks to the wide screw cap and filling opening, it’s easy and quick to fill.

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