Soil Improver Activator Mix

Soil Improver – Activator Mix (Big Bag 500 l – for 500m2)

✔ Blend of active micro-organisms, volcanic rock dust, cow manure, and worm castings
✔ Natural soil conditioner and soil activator
✔ Enhances plants’ ability to absorb nutrients more effectively
✔ Stimulates plant resilience and growth
✔ Universally applicable – suitable for lawns, ornamental gardens, borders, vegetable gardens, roses, potted plants, orchards
✔ Contains billions of active micro-organisms for a healthy soil ecosystem

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This soil improver, enriched with living fungi and bacteria (including the Mycorrhiza bacillus), stimulates and activates the soil’s life. The ultimate soil improver, formulated from a blend of worm castings and dried cow manure, is further enriched with minerals and trace elements from lava meal.

A fertile soil is alive!

Organifer nourishes the soil and promotes positive soil life. This Activator Mix rejuvenates the soil and prevents issues. The active soil organisms buffer nutrients, making them available whenever the plants need them. By activating and introducing this soil life, not only is the plant nourished, but the soil itself is also enhanced.

Plants live in symbiosis with fungi and bacteria

With this Activator Mix, living Mychorizza fungi and Rhizobacteria are introduced and activated. Beneficial soil organisms, like worms and fungi, create channels in the soil, allowing air, organic matter, and other nutrients to be dispersed. Decomposers process dead plant material into nutritious substance. This Activator Mix is effectively used in practice to promote a healthy soil life. Especially around the plant roots, the so-called rhizosphere, millions of fungi and bacteria exist that exchange nutrients with one another and with plants, enhancing each other’s lives.

Beneficial microorganisms benefit the plant, and the plant rewards them with sugars. A healthy soil life contains thousands of different bacteria, fungi, and enzymes, all working together for mutual benefit. For instance, certain bacteria neutralise harmful substances like heavy metals. The added Azotobacter bacteria extract nitrogen from the air and supply it to the plants, again, in exchange for sugars. Others break down dead plant material and convert it into absorbable nutrients for the plant. Some target harmful bacteria, and essential fungi help the plant to access nutrients deeper in the soil. The introduced Bacillus bacteria enhance root growth, ensuring faster nutrient absorption and increasing resistance against pathogens. In short, the soil is alive! It’s vital for the ecosystem to remain healthy. Organifer Activator Mix balances the soil and supports positive soil life, thus reinforcing both the plant and the soil’s resilience. Healthy plants grow in a healthy soil, and there’s no room for diseases or pests.

Lava meal rich in essential minerals and trace elements

Many soils have become deficient in minerals and trace elements, preventing optimal processes in both the soil and plants. This soil improver is fortified with high-quality Organifer lava meal, supplementing essential minerals and trace elements, thereby naturally enhancing soil fertility.

Worm Castings

Organifer worm castings are regarded as the best of the best. They are a natural improver made from composted plant residues. They provide optimal soil balance, ensuring healthy plant growth and blooming. Worm castings contain everything a plant genuinely needs: a very high organic content (humus) and an abundance of trace elements, enzymes, minerals, bacteria, and fungi. Humus-rich soil retains nutrients more effectively. When combined with worm castings, bacteria and fungi thrive, and the soil structure improves significantly.

Nutrition for healthy and vibrant plants

By mixing in dried cow manure, not only is the soil improved, but immediate absorbable nutrition is also provided. This organic fertiliser has a long-lasting effect. It nourishes the soil and promotes a rich, healthy soil abundant in biodiversity. This ensures balanced growth and provides the plant with a solid structure. Organic fertiliser serves as an energy source for bacteria and is converted into humus. Humus ensures a good soil structure and supports natural processes. Organic fertilisers are better for the environment. Nutrients from organic fertilisers are less likely to leach into surface and groundwater. The Activator Mix ensures an active soil life and an optimal soil structure, resulting in healthy and vibrant plants.

Universally applicable

Soil Improver Activator Mix can be used universally for both planting and maintenance. It’s successfully used for lawns, ornamental gardens, borders, vegetable gardens, bulb and tuber crops, roses, potted plants, orchards, and fruit trees.

Instructions for Use

Evenly distribute the indicated amount over the area to be fertilised. In borders and vegetable gardens, lightly rake in the Activator Mix. Apply this soil improver when rain is expected or water afterward. Suitable for all soil types, in any season, except when there’s frost in the ground. For a new garden, spread 2 litres per 1m² and work it in thoroughly. When planting new crops or relocating them, mix 1 litre into the planting hole.


Cultivation – Quantity per Kg m2 – application. –

▶ Lawn Topdressing. 1-2 litres per m2

▶ Lawn Establishment. 2-5 litres per m2 broadcast evenly and lightly incorporate

▶ Ornamental Garden. 2-5 litres per m2 in spring, scatter evenly around plants and lightly incorporate

▶ Border. 2-4 litres per m2 spread before planting and work into the soil

▶ Bulb and Tubers. 2-5 litres per m2 in spring, scatter evenly and lightly incorporate

▶ Short-season Vegetable Garden. 2-4 litres per m2 in spring, scatter evenly and lightly incorporate

▶ Long-season Vegetable Garden. 2-5 litres per m2 spread before sowing or planting and lightly incorporate

▶ Fruit Trees. 2-5 litres per per tree spread within the root zone

▶ Roses. Per plant, apply 2 litres before, during, and after blooming within the root zone and lightly work in

▶ Potted Plants. 2-4 litres per m2 spread within the root zone or mix into potting soil


  • Dry Matter: 67.8%
  • Organic Matter: 56.1%
  • Inorganic Matter: 43.9%
  • Total Nitrogen: 16.9 g/kg dm
  • Organic Nitrogen: 15.9 g/kg dm
  • Ammonium Nitrogen: 0.9 g/kg dm
  • Urea Nitrogen: <0.1 g/kg dm
  • Nitrate Nitrogen: 0.1 g/kg dm
  • Phosphate: 7.9 g/kg dm
  • Potassium: 13.8 g/kg dm
  • Magnesium: 31.0 g/kg dm
  • Calcium: 45.9 g/kg dm
  • Sodium: 3.5 g/kg dm
  • Sulphur: 10.3 g/kg dm
  • Chloride: 5.6 g/kg dm
  • Silicon: 3920 mg/kg dm
  • Boron: 38 mg/kg dm
  • Copper: 49 mg/kg dm
  • Iron: 28235 mg/kg dm
  • Manganese: 480 mg/kg dm
  • Molybdenum: 3 mg/kg dm
  • Zinc: 174 mg/kg dm



Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. The Activator Mix contains live bacteria and fungi; although these can thrive on the carrier of worm castings and cow manure, we recommend not storing this soil enhancer for extended periods but applying it to the soil.



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Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 150 cm