Partner for gardener, landscapers, and the agricultural sector

Partner for gardener, landscapers, and the agricultural sector.

Premium Quality

Organifer processes and refines German and Dutch raw materials into high-quality products: the best nutrients and soil amendments for optimal growth of plants, fruits, and crops. Organifer has the entire supply chain under control and avoids unnecessary transportation routes by using local raw materials. Sustainable, environmentally friendly, and organic, just as you would expect from Dutch quality products. In collaboration with our specialists and partners, unique compositions and products have been created. In addition to all-purpose fertilizers, Organifer also offers specialty products and plant enhancers. Organifer’s premium products are formulated to be particularly rich and are excellent for lawns, ornamental gardens, vegetable gardens, trees, as well as for potted plants, hydroponics, and agriculture. With Organifer, you choose the best for the plants, the soil, and the environment.

Our core values

  • Strong, healthy plants with high resistance
  • Long-term effectiveness through structural soil improvement
  • Balanced minerals and trace elements
  • Investing in a healthy soil life with natural fertility
  • Innovative, sustainable, organic, and environmentally friendly
  • Strong, healthy plants and an optimal climate
  • Constant supply and long-lasting effects
  • Minimizing the leaching of organically bound nitrogen
  • Protecting and promoting plants through the natural cycle
  • Natural enrichment for fertile soil
  • Highest quality products for maximum effectiveness

Fertile soil and strong, healthy plants.

When you choose organic fertilizer, you choose a natural enrichment of the soil. The result is fertile soil and strong, healthy plants. Organifer’s organic fertilizers improve the health and condition of the soil. The unique blend of ingredients ensures growth, flowering, seed formation, ripening, and robust root, bulb, and fruit formation. Erosion is prevented and the soil always contains enough air and moisture. Additionally, our products dissolve and regulate the minerals in the soil, resulting in good yields and high-quality plants. Our customers choose lush growing, tasty plants, blooming ornamental gardens, and dense, deep green lawns.