The Power of Lava Flour!

Lava meal from Organifer improves the structure and fertility of your garden and soil. Together with the organic matter from e.g. worm manure and soil life, lava meal forms stable clay-humus complexes and soil aggregates.

What are soil aggregates?

The clumping together of primary particles by moisture, o.g., clay, lime, etc. Clay soil therefore becomes rougher and allows water to pass through better. Sandy soil can retain nutrients and water better, and peat soil is stabilized against decomposition.

Lava flour from Organifer is finely ground volcanic rock. It is rich in silicon in easily absorbable form for plants. Silicon increases the resistance of the crop and against drought, diseases and pests.

Organifer lava flour is the highest quality rock flour

  • pure primal rock flour from 100% Eifel lava (Eifel Germany)
  • Finest grind for maximum operation (surface area, exchange capacity)
  • rich in nutrients and trace elements in a good ratio for the plant
  • source of rapidly released silicon for soil and plant
  • low concentration of heavy metals (unlike many basalt flours)
  • Checked for specifications in RHP substrates
  • approved by the FiBL (Forschungsinstitut für Biologischen Landbau)

Organifer lava meal is suitable for organic agriculture and horticulture

Lava meal can be sprinkled over the garden and lawn just like lime. Best after noon on a rainy/cloudy day, this is to avoid burning on leaves. After the lava meal donation, worm manure can be added or water so that the lava meal does not blow away. The lava meal does not need to be worked in.

To be used for

  • Grass fertilization (helps well against moss)
  • Garden/Garden
  • Potted Plants
  • spraying against fungal disease on boxwood