Why is fall lawn fertilization so important?

During summer, grass suffers greatly from heat, drought and increased treading. As a result, it now has weakened resistance. Although it still looks good green now, it will thin out quickly in winter. Autumn lawn fertilization is very important because otherwise it will result in moss and bare spots in the spring. In short, we must prevent this! Fall is the time to increase the turf’s resistance for the winter, then it thins out less and you will start next spring with a beautiful lawn! Turf resistance is easily increased with Organifer Autumn Fertilizer.

Fertilize now for a deep green lawn all winter long!
September is the perfect month to patch up the lawn!

Fertilize now for a deep green lawn all winter long!

A game of soccer, BBQs, children playing, a pool. We use the lawn intensively in the summer. This has lowered its resistance tremendously. Depending on the damage to the lawn, repair before winter is recommended. If less than 35% of the lawn is broken fine by only fall lawn fertilization with Organifer fall fertilizer. When more than 35% of the lawn is broken it is best to scarify, then overseed and fertilize.

Perform repair work in the fall

The biggest advantage to getting started in September is the low weed pressure. In addition, you do not have to worry about soil temperature like in spring. Autumn is also known for its showers, which help with the plant’s water needs. In short, the ideal period for recovery work.

Phosphorus and Potassium for strong grass

In the fall, we don’t want too much extreme growth, but respond more to the root development and resistance of the grass plants. Therefore, give fall fertilizer to the lawn this has less nitrogen and more phosphorus and potassium.

The phosphorus in Organifer fall fertilizer encourages the plant to develop a healthier root system. This makes the plant healthy and helps it survive during the winter.
Potassium strengthens the cell structure making the plant less susceptible to diseases and fungi.

In addition, a proportion of Magnesium ensures a deep green color and the production of chlorophyll which not only makes the grass greener, but also requires less energy for more efficient photosynthesis!

Healthy grass goes into winter dark green and stays deep green much longer, so we can enjoy our grass longer!

Choose organic fertilizers

It is important not to use chemical Fertilizers but to apply organic fertilizers. With chemical fertilizers, you provide quick, short-term results but kill soil life. For long-term fertility, it is important to nourish the soil with organic matter. The organic matter provides active soil life and healthy soil. Organifer Autumn fertilizers are organic and provide a dark green strong hardy lawn and plant. This special organic fall fertilizer that keeps grass and plants strong and hardened going into winter. Makes grass resistant to treading, drought and frost and leaves no room for moss or weeds. The effect is visible until spring